1. BEARS ON STAIRS from DBLG on Vimeo.

    DBLG’s in-house studio projects are a platform for us to experiment with creative ideas and above all have fun. For this project we wanted to explore and combine 3d animation, 3D printing with stop frame animation.

    Massive thanks for Blue Zoo for the character animation blue-zoo.co.uk and Resonate resonatemusic.co.uk for the audio mix and sound design.

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  3. Gif Friday - Rebecca Mock







    Oh hey, Its Gif Friday! Rebecca Mock a Brooklyn-based illustrator delights us with her atmospheric Gifs.  Check out some more of her work here ……Clicky

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  5. Otis Junior Reel 2014 from Angela Wong on Vimeo.


    We are Otis’s class of 2015. Here is a compilation of our works done at school. Enjoy!

    Reel cut by Danni & Angela
    Song: Overtime - Cash Cash

    00:00 - 00:03 Evan Huang vimeo.com/evanhuang
    00:03 - 00:04 Evan Huang
    00:04 - 00:06 Danni Fisher-Shin vimeo.com/dannifs
    00:06 - 00:07 Julie Moon vimeo.com/juliemoon
    00:07 - 00:08 Danni Fisher-Shin
    00:08 - 00:10 Meira Kim vimeo.com/meirakim
    00:10 - 00:11 Ben Kim vimeo.com/benkjkim
    00:11 - 00:12 Chloe Woo vimeo.com/chloewoo
    00:12 - 00:13 Sean Hong vimeo.com/user17370979
    00:13 - 00:15 - Joseph Moon vimeo.com/museonthemoon
    00:15 John Cockburn vimeo.com/johncockburn
    00:16 Christine Chang
    00:17 - 00:18 Riya Che vimeo.com/riyache
    00:19 Xiao Bai vimeo.com/user26777390
    00:20 Lindsay Kim vimeo.com/user21228665
    00:21 - 00:22 John Cockburn
    00:22 Ben Kim
    00:23 Meira Kim
    00:23 - 00:24 Danni Fisher-shin
    00:25 Angela Peng vimeo.com/user15911672
    00:26 Sierra Hunkins vimeo.com/user15829400
    00:26 Chloe Woo
    00:27 Lindsay Kim
    00:28 Sierra Hunkins
    00:28 Angela Wong
    00:29 - 00:30 Sean Hong
    00:30 - 00:31 Christine Chang
    00:32 Chloe Woo
    00:33 Evan Huang
    00:34 Joseph Moon
    00:35 Angela Wong
    00:36 Meira Kim
    00:37 - 00:38 Ben Kim
    00:38 Riya Che
    00:39 - 00:40 Danni Fisher Shin
    00:40 Evan Huang
    00:41 - 00:42 Sean Hong
    00:43 - 00:44 Julie Moon
    00:45 - 00:46 Angela Wong
    00:47 - 00:49 Joseph Moon

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  7. GMUNK tells a story from FITC on Vimeo.

    GMUNK, Designer, Director and Galactic Crusader, shares a story about friends.

    See GMUNK speak at the upcoming FITC Toronto 2014 conference on April 27-29, 2014

    FITC is the intersection between Creative Technologists, Designers, Developers and all-around awesome thinkers from various innovative industries across the globe. They converge every year in Toronto to connect, challenge, inspire, and to experience the cutting edge in design and technology.
    This year we have over 80 amazing presenters from around the world covering design, creativity, and technology, including talks about biohacking, remote-controlled cockroaches, a 98-year-old digital artist, the leading edge in neuroscience tech, an artist who offers professional kidnapping – and that’s just a fraction of this years talent.

    More info onGMUNK - gmunk.com/

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  9. Circa from Hypoly on Vimeo.


    A short film by Hypoly - hypoly.com
    Music and sound design - Echoic - echoicaudio.com
    Vocals - Victoria Klewin - victoriaklewin.com

    For high res stills and art work vist: hypoly.com

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  11. Nike Air Superiority from Hypoly on Vimeo.

    Working as part of the in-house team at ManvsMachine, I was involved in the design, animation and compositing of this piece for the new Nike Air Superiority campaign.


    Concept, Design, Direction: ManvsMachine
    Audio: Echolab

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  13. Barry The Biscuit Boy from Hornet Inc on Vimeo.

    Something fun from our friends at Blinkink and directors Joseph Mann and Andrew Thomas Huang. Be sure to check out the making of! vimeo.com/90770843

    Production Company: BLINKINK

    It’s a brand new day and Barry knows just what to do with it. He’s a biscuit; he loves milk (as any good biscuit should) and down through the dark delicious forest is a lake of cool creamy Cravendale. What young biscuit boy could possibly resist? Obviously, just about anyone could lose their heads over dipping a biscuit in Cravendale, but for Barry, there’s just a little bit more peril involved.

    Created over 3 weeks of filming using 16 live-action puppets and 3 stop-motion models in specially built sets, the creation of Barry and his world was an incredible combination of expert handcraft and technical know-how. Take a look at the making of film to see the behind-the-scenes view of how the magic was made.

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  15. NICKELODEON IDs from Jules Guerin on Vimeo.


    Creative Direction: Fabio Ardemagni
    Production: Jules Guerin
    Direction: Jules Guerin, Gabriel H Fermanelli.
    Story: Jules Guerin
    Character design, Layouts: Gabriel H Fermanelli
    Animatic: Jules Guerin, Gabriel H Fermanelli
    Animation: Jules Guerin
    Sound design / music: Daniele Carmosino

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  17. Shape from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.

    A film about design. If for one day you had the power to make your world work better, what would you change?


    Shape is part of a project to get young people thinking about how the world is made around them, and where design fits in.

    This film and the accompanying website was commissioned by Pivot Dublin and Dublin City Council to promote wider acceptance and use of design as a tool for positive change.

    Film credits:

    Presented by Pivot Dublin and Dublin City Council
    Directed & Designed by Johnny Kelly
    Written by Scott Burnett
    Produced by Ali Grehan

    Production company: Nexus
    Nexus Producer: Isobel Conroy
    Animators: Felix Massie, Joe Sparrow, Alex Grigg and Johnny Kelly
    GIF wrangling: Alasdair Brotherston
    Editor: Steven McInerney

    Thanks to Mark Davies, Sergei Shabarov and Chris O’Reilly
    Special thanks to Cllr Naoise O’Muiri and Dublin City Manager Owen Keegan for their support

    Music & Sound Design: Antfood
    Andrew Rehrig - Flutes
    Will Bone- Trombone, Trumpets, Tuba, Baritone Sax, Tenor Sax I, Clarinets
    Jesse Scheinin - Tenor Sax II
    Wilson Brown - Pianos, Guitars, Synths, Percussion
    Chris Marion - Strings
    Composition and Arrangement: Wilson Brown
    Sound design: Spencer Casey, Charlie Van Kirk, Wilson Brown and Pran Bandi
    Final Mix: Andy Baldwin


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  19. Fun with Shapes from Elliot Lim on Vimeo.

    A fun little experiment with shapes and colors. Animated by myself and Iain Acton.

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  21. About Me — Adobe Creative Jam, London 2014 from Nicolas Ménard on Vimeo.

    About Me is a short film made in 3h30m at the Adobe Creative Jam, in London.

    The event was taking place at the Fabric Nightclub. A group of six illustrators had a still image competition, while a group of six animators and motion designers had a moving image competition on a given theme, which was “Extreme Selfie”.

    Material and Set-Up

    It looked like a big Lan party: tables with wires everywhere. People brought their own gear: laptops, tablets, paper and pen. I brought my macbook pro, a sketchbook, my trusty old Intuos tablet and my midi keyboard.

    It was a challenging environment: we were often interrupted to receive instructions from the organisation team, or to get filmed. We also had to upload screenshots on Behance, since it was all about Adobe on that evening. You can look at what I managed to post online here: behance.net/wip/534617/980763

    Also, there was loud noises from the music and conferences in the background. That made it really hard to put yourself in the zone and make sound design, or even listen to your own music.


    When the competition started, I had to figure out a way to come up with a complete piece in the short amount of time given. It was important for me to go through all the production stages of making an animated piece to show something that was as complete as possible. So I decided to cut on the whole creative process bit. I took the first idea that came to mind, and after 5 minutes, I jumped into Logic Pro to lay down some music with my midi keyboard. What, it’s a “jam” after all, isn’t it?

    I recorded the main instrument, had an idea of the ambience, and then jumped into Photoshop to design the first two shots. While I was animating in Photoshop, I was rendering some background elements in Cinema 4D. I had the plants already designed from another project, so I made new arrangements and rendered them straight away. Then I composited and made the edit on the rough soundtrack in AfterEffects.

    When I finally managed to have all the shots, I changed the colour palette with a tool I designed in After Effects (more on that someday maybe) that makes stuff look like it’s printed. It’s the technique I’m using for my grad film, and the one I used on Somewhere. I tweaked the edit, then rendered the piece in this required weird projector resolution (1024px x 576px).

    Back to sound. I opened Adobe Audition, chucked the video file in, the rough music track and started making my sound design. I got all the sound effects on freesound.org. But I needed voice! Since there was no voice actors available, I ran in the basement of the Fabric. In a big dark room full of echo, I recorded my sensitive, beautiful voice with my iPhone. I ran back upstairs, transferred the audio by email, and realized that I blew in the microphone by accident so you couldn’t understand a thing of what I was saying. Take 2: went back to the basement, recorded my voice with my hand in front of my mouth and the phone at a good distance, and managed to get a clear voice. Perfect.

    Back to Audition, I cleaned the audio piece, then made the final render in Premiere. I finished 15 minutes before the end. So my friend Alice Dunseath got me a beer. That was good.


    In the end we had to present our piece of work on stage in front of a crowd of industry creatives. The illustrators went on stage first. Meanwhile, our job was to judge the work of their group to select the winner. Then it was our turn to go on stage and they had to judge us. Big bummer: they showed our pieces without sound! All those efforts in the bin, but more importantly: without sound, you miss the whole point. It’s just plain weird and incomprehensible.

    Anyway, after that we all went up on stage again and the winners were announced. The super talented and charismatic Edward Monaghan won the illustration competition with a nicely crafted silly piece of an archer with way too much pressure on his shoulders. His presentation was ace as well, he looked so chilled out. Check out his work here, I’m a big fan: edwardcarvalhomonaghan.co.uk

    And I was very honoured to win the animation competition. I got a little trophy and felt like a kid who won a ribbon at a swimming competition.

    Also, check out the fantastic work of my friend Isaac Holland, who was also taking part of the competition and did a great piece: hisaacholland.tumblr.com

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